How to Use Fenugreek and Fennel Seeds For Breast Enlargement?

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How to Use Fenugreek and Fennel Seeds For Breast Enlargement?


If you are unaware of the use of Fenugreek seeds in the breast enlargement process, we have mentioned it here. Regardless, bigger breasts mean better attention and better complements flowing your way. 

These days, women go through expensive beauty treatments to enlarge their breasts and enhance their curvaceous beauty artificially. Indeed, women look gorgeous with firm and plump breasts. 

So, we got you covered if you are looking for inexpensive treatments to flaunt your beautiful curves. However, you do not need to spend money on enlargement; instead, we give you healthy home remedies to try. 

In contrast, home remedies are not only safe but also benefit your body. For example, enriching properties of fennel with fenugreek seeds will do that and ensure your breasts are plump and firmer. 

Now, let us have a look at the ways of using both together for enhancing your beauty. But, instead, you can get both spices from the Indian spices manufacturer globally. 

Use Of Fenugreek Seeds For Breast Enlargement

Fenugreek or methi is famous for having several health benefits. It is helpful to you in managing lifestyle conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, and skin conditions. However, it also helps lactating mothers produce breast milk. 

Fenugreek powder can do wonders for women. It helps in improving estrogen production, especially after menopause and helps increase the bust size.

  • Fenugreek and breast size

In the times when clinically published data are absent. Research shows that fenugreek helps increase bust size because it is a hormonally active herb. Furthermore, the phytoestrogen present in fenugreek improves estrogen levels. 

It also helps in cell division and enhances the bust size. The best way to have fenugreek to increase bust size is to consume it in herbal capsules. But, before you utilise these capsules, consult with your doctor. 

Increased estrogen levels can increase your risk of breast cancer, especially if you are menopausal.

  • Fenugreek and Estrogen

Consuming fenugreek or methi during perimenopause and postmenopause helps you. During those times, the estrogen level fluctuates and fails to an all-time low respectively. In contrast, a lack of estrogen in the body can lead to multiple issues.  

Those issues like vaginal dryness, bloating, breast tenderness, insomnia, fatigue, night sweats, and other symptoms of menopause. Research showed that fenugreek seeds could improve estrogen levels. 

Also, it can be used as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy. It is usually suggested to women who suffer from severe complications of low estrogen.  It is the condition where the symptoms mentioned above turn from mild to severe or worse.

Fenugreek And Fennel Seeds For Breasts Enhancement & Enlargement

You will learn various ways to rapidly use these fantastic seeds or herbs to get a larger and firmer bust size.  Moreover, you can purchase these herbs from wholesale spice suppliers globally. 

Nowadays, many supplements promise to help women increase their bust size and volume naturally. But, if you look closely at their ingredients list, you will find that they contain fenugreek and fennel extracts.

It is because they are the most efficient herbs when it comes to natural breast size augmentation. You can get them and use both herbs as wholesale Indian spices.

  • Fennel Powder Benefits For Breast Enlargement

Fennel powder contains natural plant hormones, flavonoids, known as phytoestrogens, and different aromatic molecules such as estragole, anethole, and fenchone. This helps develop breast tissue safely and healthy, and it helps them to become engorged with liquids.

These natural plant hormones mimic female hormones in their effects on your chest size without dangerous side effects. But, due to its organic molecules content, fennel gives more credit with many health benefits. 

Fennel powder has various pharmacological properties, including anti-cancer activity, antioxidant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and estrogenic effects. Indeed, estrogenic means that it contains molecules that imitate the female hormone estrogen.

Fennel seeds are widely use in many parts of the world as medicine for different ailments. However, the effects of these seeds on bust growth have been noted scientifically. So, it has been used as a galactagogue improving the milk supply of a breastfeeding mother.  

It’s suggested due to the presence of phytoestrogens present in fennel which promote the growth of breast tissue. In addition, galactagogue means substances that stimulate the production of breast milk in nursing mothers.

Furthermore, the consumption and use of these seeds increase bust growth and development. Indeed, you can get this herb powder from the Indian spices manufacturer. 

  • Fennel seeds and estrogen

After all these benefits on the bust size, you may be confused about whether fennel contains estrogen or not. Yes, and this can cause worries to many women. It is because estrogen’s increase in female hormones causes breast and ovarian cancer and other illnesses.

But, you can rest assured, fennel contains phytoestrogens instead of estrogen. Also, it has anethole which is one of the most commonly use ingredients found in fennel. These plant hormones imitate the effects of female hormones without their side effects. 


Here, we have described the critical uses of wholesale Indian spices for bust enlargement. Instead, you can get an idea of using home remedies to increase your attractive curves. Finally, you can obtain both these herbs from an Indian spices manufacturer.