How To Store Bulk Spices and Save Them From Spoilage?

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How To Store Bulk Spices and Save Them From Spoilage?


Spices and herbs add a zing to your dishes, but only when they are fresh and flavourful. Indian dishes use myriads of spices in various proportions that make them delicious. Since spices are the mainstay ingredients in Indian dishes, many people prefer buying wholesale Indian spices online for daily use.

When not stored properly, bulk spices can go bad. However, they don’t get spoiled like other food items but lose their flavour, fragrance, heat, and colour. That is why proper storage is important to keep spice quality intact.

Here are some tips you should consider when you store your bulk spices.

Store in an airtight container

Airtight containers are a basic requirement for storing spices. Air and humidity in the air are prime culprits for making spice go bad. If you want to prolong the shelf life of your spices and herbs, make sure you store them in completely airtight containers.

And also, make sure that you don’t open this container frequently. For daily use, take out the small portion in a different jar and keep it on your shelf with other spices.

Store in a glass or metal jar

When it comes to the material of a spice container, plastic is always a bad choice. Microplastic particles can mix with your spices, make them smell bad, and, more importantly, get into your body. Amber glass jars or metal jars are the best options for storing bulk spices. They can effectively keep away the moisture and heat, keeping your herbs fresh and flavorful.

Keep away from heat

Heat can deteriorate your spices’ quality. It makes your spices release their volatile oils, which gives them their characteristic flavour and aroma. So make sure you don’t keep your spices around the gas stove or other heat-generating equipment. Keep your spice container in the dark and cool store room or cupboards below your kitchen counters, but make sure the place doesn’t have much humidity.

Make sure moisture doesn’t seep in

Moisture can encourage mould to grow on your spices. This is a type of fungus that grows in humid areas. To save your bulk spice batch from this, do store your spices in a dry place with low moisture. And also, whenever you take the spices out, make sure you use a clean and dry spoon. A tiny drop of water could make your spices spoiled.

Keep away from direct light

Light enables a process called photo-oxidation on spices, where they release their volatile essential oils. Therefore, you should choose a dark place with minimal to no light to store your spices. If you choose to keep your spices in a glass jar, choosing coloured jars rather than transparent ones would be a good option.

Do not store them in the fridge

Many people store their spices in the fridge. This could be a good option for wet spices; to keep them last for several days, keeping dry spices such as cloves, peppercorns, cinnamon, cardamom, etc. might not be a good idea. Fridge has high humidity, which can make these spices lose their flavour and go bland.

Wrapping up

As bulk Indian spices exporters, we often get asked this question: how to store spices so they last for longer? Bulk spices are prone to get spoiled when you don’t store them in the right way. That is why we have given here some tips that help you store your spices properly to save them from spoilage.

Flavour is everything to spices, and keeping them fresh, as bought from the store, is important. If you want to buy wholesale Indian spices online, you are at the right place.

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