Important Things to Know About Indian Spice Exporter

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Important Things to Know About Indian Spice Exporter


Spices have a great place in every culture in the world. In today’s time, they might be merely an ingredient that makes our food delicious, but people have waged wars on them in the past. They were extremely invaluable in Europe back then due to their remote and hidden source, and whoever possessed a good amount of black pepper was considered rich.

But now the times have changed, thanks to easier routes for accessing these spices and many Indian spice exporters making these herbs available globally in this modern age of the Internet and eCommerce. However, spices are still as demanded worldwide as they used to be in the past.

This has encouraged adulteration and spurious means of selling spices to gain more. Therefore, choosing the right bulk spice supplier is imperative. If you are new to bulk buying spices, here are some factors you should consider to select a genuine spice supplier to ensure great quality spices.

Factors to take into account before selecting a wholesale spice supplier

Source of raw material

Checking the source of raw materials is important if you are looking for authentic spices. Geography can have a vast effect on the quality of spices. Hence, spices sourced from one region may greatly vary in terms of quality than other sources.

However, this does not mean that herbs from a particular source are not authentic. It is just that they may not have that characteristic potency. If you are specifically looking for that, you should consider checking the source of spices.

Different types of spices and their characteristics

Another thing you want to consider is the type of spices and characteristics according to your unique culinary requirement. For example, in India alone, more than 13 types of red chilies are grown across the country, each with a distinct flavor and color.

Lavangi chilies from Maharashtra are not much red in color but high in hotness. On the other hand, Kashmiri red chilies have bright red color but do not have much heat. So, choosing the right one among these chilies depends on your requirements.

Cleanliness at manufacturing plants

The grinding and packaging process of raw materials is done in manufacturing plants. But if these procedures are not done with utmost care and hygiene, the quality of your condiment may deteriorate despite having a quality raw material.

Many reputed bulk spice suppliers use advanced equipment to produce ground spices in their specialized plants. They ensure that spices do not come into direct contact with human touch and are packaged in safe and well-sealed packages.

Machinery they use

A few years ago, spices were ground by hand in households. But since packaged food has become prevalent, now they are ground in manufacturing plants by advanced machinery. This machinery generates a lot of heat during this process, which may kill the quality of spices.

However, some manufacturers have now adopted cutting-edge cryogenic grinders, retaining flavor and color while powering raw materials. So, having this in your potential Indian spice exporter can be a great green signal.

Market reputation

Till now, we have talked about the internal factors of the spice suppliers. But you also have to consider what place the company stands among its competitors and how reputed it is in the industry. Checking out only their website does not suffice this.

You should contact their previous customer and acquire genuine reviews of the business directly from a horse’s mouth. This will allow you to make better purchasing decisions and pick a supplier that you can deal with in the long term.

Certification and awards for having acquired

Certifications and awards are another way you can check the authenticity of your potential Indian spice exporter. Many spice suppliers are awarded international-level certificates that make them one of the most reliable businesses in the spice market.

So, ask your potential wholesaler to provide you with the certifications and awards, and they should be able to do so without hesitation.

Actual quality and prices of spices

Visiting the plant personally and evaluating the quality of spices could be the most reassuring thing. You must do it if you can. This will allow you to take a closer look at the processing and packaging of the spices.

Moreover, you can also compare the prices of different manufacturers to determine which is beneficial to your budget.

Considering all these factors will allow you to pick the best Indian spice supplier where you can buy bulk spices at wholesale rates. If you have any questions regarding this post or anything about buying spices in general, do not hesitate to contact us.

We would be glad to help you with our extensive spice market knowledge to guide you in the right direction.