Everything You Need To Know About Mustard Seeds

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Everything You Need To Know About Mustard Seeds


Mustard is one of the staple condiments in Indian cuisine and is widely grown across the entire subcontinent. In addition, India has a history of trading spices, including mustard seeds. And to date, the country is a major mustard seed exporter worldwide.

In Indian cuisine, the mustard seeds are generally used to give a nutty flavour to savoury dishes like raitas, chutneys, pickles, and various sabzis. They are ground into a fine powder or fried in oil to bring out the flavour. Apart from this, they are also ground to extract the oil from them, which is also used in cooking.

But mustard is not only popular in India; it is the second most used spice in the USA as well. However, the mustard used in India is different from the mustard known to America or Europe. How, do you ask! Keep reading the article to know more.

Types of Mustard Seeds

There are more than 40 varieties of mustard, but only three types, yellow, black, and brown, are used for culinary use. Black and brown mustard seeds come from a plant called Brassica nigra, which originated in the Himalayan region. Hence it is more popularly used in Indian, Asian, and Middle Eastern cooking.

Yellow mustard, on the other hand, comes from a different plant called Sinapis alba. The plant is believed to originate in the Mediterranean region, around North Africa and Southwest Europe. These yellow mustard seeds are popularly used in American, European, and African cuisines. And hence, these regions prominently procure mustard seeds from mustard seeds wholesale suppliers.

Mustard Seeds, Everything You Need To Know About Mustard Seeds

What Does it Taste like?

All three types of mustard seeds have the same taste but different tones. Black mustards are extremely pungent and contain more volatile oils than their counterparts. Hierarchically, brown mustard seeds are less pungent than black ones but more than yellow mustards. And this yellow variety has a lower pungency and oil content than black and brown.

Moreover, not just seeds but the entire mustard plant is edible. The plant also has a distinct flavourful taste. Therefore, many Indian dishes use various parts of the plant as the main ingredient or as a complementary to prepare various savoury dishes. 

Health Benefits of Mustard Seeds

Mustard is that one spice in your kitchen cupboard that can be your handy home remedy for almost every health-related issue, whether short-term or chronic. Mustard seeds can cure headaches, acne, indigestion, gum and teeth problems, and even fight carcinogens, which cause cancer.

Its various health-uplifting values make spice a common ingredient in health and wellness-related products. Therefore pharmaceutical companies and beauty products manufacturers are among the top procurers of mustard seeds from bulk spices suppliers.

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