How To Buy & Store High-Quality Cumin

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How To Buy & Store High-Quality Cumin


Cumin is a ubiquitous spice in Indian and Mexican cuisines. With its nutty notes and pungent aroma, the spice flavours various dishes, from savoury Indian curries to spicy Mexican salsas. The culinary uses of cumin are numerous, but it has wide health benefits as well.

However, quality is important in getting the most out of this spice. Buying high-quality cumin ensures appetisingly aromatic food and the wellness of your whole body. If you want to buy bulk cumin seeds online, consider us as your spice partner. Vyom Overseas is a leading spice exporter, providing premium cumin seeds and powder to retailers, manufacturers, hospitality businesses, households, and other clientele around the world.

When it comes to cumin, quality matters a lot. Someone inexperienced in buying spices could easily be scammed with low-quality or cumin-like alternatives. If you have never bought it before and are looking for some tips, you are not on the right track. Find here how to buy high-quality cumin and store it properly so you can flavour your dishes for longer.

Shopping Tips for cumin

Cumin is one of the aromatics that can give any dish a delightful flavour. If you haven’t used this spice in your food and want to start out, the first step would be to buy cumin seeds or powder. 

  • If you’re going to buy cumin seeds from a retail store, make sure the retailer restocks the inventory frequently. The best way to buy the spice is from the specialised stores catering to cultures where spice is in high demand.
  • Don’t mistake caraway seeds for cumin. Cumin seeds are yellowish brown in colour and oval in shape. They closely resemble the caraway seeds.
  • If you are searching for black cumin, ensure you’re not buying caraway or nigella seeds. Black cumin seeds are hard-to-find and generate more value in the market. So, nigella or caraway is often sold as cumin to gain more profit.
  • If you are shopping online, research the company before you make a purchase. Look for customer reviews and necessary food certifications to make sure you choose the right retailer.
  • If you’re going to use cumin seeds a lot, you should buy bulk ones. Vyom can provide you with the freshest cumin seeds, powder, and other wholesale Indian spices online.
  • Whole spices tend to retain flavour for longer than powdered ones. Same with cumin seeds. So, buying the whole spice is a good choice if you can afford the time and energy to grind cumin seeds at home.
  • Grinding a spice would require specialised equipment like a mortar and pestle or grinding machine. This could be an expense if you won’t often need these tools. Moreover, the grinding process takes time and is daunting. If you don’t want that, buy cumin powder instead. With the right storage, you will be able to prolong the shelf life of your spice.

Storage tips for cumin

Like any other spice, cumin can lose its flavour over time. And improper storage can speed up this process. Here are some tips on how to store cumin in the right way so that you can enjoy the spice for longer.

  • Whole seed or powder, always store cumin in an airtight container.
  • Make sure you place the container in a dark and cool place. Light and heat can decrease the shelf life of your spice.
  • Do not open the container frequently. Frequent contact with air can speed up the oxidation process, where spices lose their essential oils.

Buy bulk cumin seeds online

Cumin can give any dish a hint of delightful flavour, but only when you have high-quality spice. To get fresh and flavourful spices, you need a reliable wholesale spice exporter like us. Vyom Overseas assures you of premium cumin seeds and powder. We are a leading wholesaler providing premium quality wholesale Indian spices online. Visit our website and find out more about our cumin and other products.