Insights into the benefits and uses of GI Wire products

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Insights into the benefits and uses of GI Wire products


Have you ever thought of Iron Wire, its benefits and uses, both? And also, how is it made and what are its valuable properties? You’ll also get the idea about the wholesaler and exporter of GI wire at a global level. 

GI is the abbreviation of Galvanized Iron, which means GI wire has many real-time applications, uses and benefits in commercial as well as industrial purposes. The products made from this galvanized wire are robust, rust-free, long-lasting, and durable. Now, in the next section, we are going to explore GI wire more in detail.

What is GI Wire & It Is Made?

Galvanized Iron Wire is defined as the wire which is made from steel and zinc coated on the iron. It is used for varied applications that demand longevity.

It is easily being identified due to its bright shine as it usually holds. It is made or manufactured using “Hot Dip” technology for long-lasting durability and resistance to corrosion. 

Features of GI wire:

  • It has long-lasting durability.
  • It possesses uniform zinc-coating applied using “Hot Dip” galvanizing technology.
  • It holds a bright shine due to zinc and steel coating.
  • It withstands rusting or corrosion even in harsh conditions.
  • It is extremely strong and durable.
  • It has high tensile strength and flexibility.

How GI Wire is made?

In the previous section, we have given a short brief on manufacturing this type of Iron wire through “Hot-dip galvanization” technology. Here, in this part of the article, we are going to give you step-by-step GI wire manufacturing process details.

GI Wire Manufacturing Process:

  • Galvanization is one type of manufacturing process used to create a robust GI wire.
  • The industrial process uses a zinc coating application on steel sheets and iron, which prevents rusting.
  • To give it anti-rust properties, a molten bath is prepared to immerse those sheets.
  • Zinc helps to prevent corrosion due to chemical factors and environmental changes.
  • This process ensures long life and is also a preferred option to manufacture stainless steel.

 What are the benefits of GI Wire products?

This section of the article will list down all the benefits of galvanized wire and its related products like GI barbed wire, GI electroplating wire, and Hot Dip GI wire. We will provide you with the Best Galvanized wire products along with their specifications.

Benefits of GI Wire Products:

  • These products are used for roofing, handrails, and walling where high tensile strength is required.
  • Despite harsh or rough weather conditions, they have the ability to withstand high rusting and corrosion.
  • All the Galvanized wire products have even zinc coating.
  • All the products are at ease when it comes to maneuvering and handling bundles.
  • GI Barbed wire has a uniform wire thickness with longer barbs at an equal distance.
  • The main benefit of GI Barbed wire is that it does not crack or sink and break easily in varying temperatures.
  • These products have less cost of maintenance.
  • They possess toughness and sturdiness.
  • These products have a long-lasting life.

What are the uses of GI Wire products?

Apart from the benefits, We can use GI Barbed wire, Hot Dip GI Wire, and GI electroplating wire to have broad and vast real-time applications.

Uses of GI Wire Products:

  • It is used in many different industries due to its durability.
  • Farmers use Galvanized wire for fencing.
  • It is also widely used in shipyards.
  • Fine varieties of these products provide material for jewelers and craftsmen to use on their projects.
  • Various industries like chemical, pharmaceuticals, oil refineries, and mining use as a safeguard.
  • Galvanized wire mesh is used in the filtration of grain powder and construction.
  • Its products are extensively used in farming and poultry.


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