Importance Of Indian Spices In Our Food

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Importance Of Indian Spices In Our Food


Indian food is popular across the world for its extremely delicious taste and irresistible aroma. The secret of this finger-licking delicious flavour of Indian food is its vast range of spices that have been used for thousands of years, not in India but throughout the world.

Indian spices have been at the forefront of India’s economic growth since ancient times. India is synonymous with the spice bowl of the world as being the natural habitat of a variety of spices.

Indian spices are among the prominent commodities in the world because they play an important part in many fields apart from the cuisine. From medicine to cosmetics and rituals, they have significant importance in Indian culture and other cultures worldwide.

The culinary field has a prevalence of use of these spices. Read here to know the importance of Indian spices in our food.

Indian spices make our food flavourful

Indian spices play an important role in enhancing the taste and flavour of food. Being highly rich in aromatic oils, they can instantly zing up any dish they go in. Spices have been used to add a delectable flavour to food without adding fat, sugar, calories, or sodium.

Indian Mughlai dishes are known for their irresistible aroma and delightful taste. And the credit goes to a perfect amalgamation of spices in different varieties and quantities. The quality of hiding gamey flavour from the meat and enhancing taste has made Indian spices most popular in western countries.

Indian spices offer nutrition

Besides pleasing our taste buds and olfactory sense, Indian spices are best known for their myriad properties that can positively affect human health. For example, many spices contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anticancer properties, which help keep us in good health.

For example, turmeric is praised as a superfood for its many health benefits. It is popular in cosmetics and medicines for its warm nature and anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and immunity-boosting properties. Ginger is popularly used for cough syrups for its congestion-relieving properties. While cumin can aid in digestion and weight management.

Moreover, many spices are a rich source of dietary fibres, vitamins, minerals, and active compounds that can keep various ailments at bay and your body healthy. Every Indian spice has a unique flavour and medicinal properties, so adding them to your food is the best way to reap the benefits.

Indian spices help preserve the food

Spices have been used as natural preservatives since the time when there wasn’t refrigeration or better ways to preserve foods. They have antimicrobial properties that prevent bacterial germination and keep foods fresh for longer. The preservative use of spices is most beneficial in meat dishes. Smoked meats were used to rubbed and dredged in salt, herbs, and spices to preserve and store them for longer.

Until the 18th century, spices were used as flavouring agents and preservatives in food. Moreover, they were considered a sign of wealth as many spices came from faraway exotic lands of the Indian subcontinent and Indonesia, Africa, and South America.

Black pepper, bay leaves, fennel seeds, turmeric, fenugreek seeds, cumin, coriander, mustard, sesame, etc., are some prominent Indian spices used not only in Indian cuisine but many more cuisines around the world.

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