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Which Kitchenware products do we export at Vyom Overseas?

At Vyom Overseas our main products are fruit juicer, handy chopper, spice rack, onion chopper and multi chilly cutter. See all over kitchenware products.

Are our kitchenware products durable and user-friendly?

Yes, Absolutely. All our kitchenware products are completely durable and user-friendly. Though our products come with a user guide, you can fire us with more queries at info@vyomoverseas.com

Which Spices do we ship overseas?

We, at Vyom Overseas, ship various spices including coriander, turmeric, cumin powder, sesame seeds, Fennel powder, etc. View more spices products.

Are Vyom Spices gluten-free?

While some spices are naturally gluten-free, we do not test for gluten in all products.

Which Types of GI wires are we providing?

At Vyom Overseas, we provide Electro GI Wire, Hot Dip GI Wire, Cold Dip GI Wire, Fine Galvanized Wire. The wires are given a bright and smooth finish to ensure superior quality using zinc/steel.

What are the benefits of galvanized iron wire?

GI wires are highly durable and long-lasting, highly corrosive resistant, rustproof, weatherproof and also high electrical resistance.

What are other uses of GI wires?

GI wires are extensively used in farming, fencing and poultry because of their high resistance towards moisture and any mechanical damage.

Is GI wire corrosive resistant as well as rustproof and weather resistant?

Yes, GI Wire resists corrosion from substances like salt water, battery acid, sugar syrup and many others that are very corrosive to other metals. Also when exposed to weathering conditions such as ultraviolet light or rainwater because it has been treated with antioxidants during the production process.

How much do your products cost?

As we are exporters at Vyom Overseas, products costing can vary according to quantity and products.

In which countries do we export our products?

At Vyom Overseas, we export our products mainly in South Africa, UAE, USA, Australia, Maldives, Canada. Visit here

What invoice requirements are there for each country?

Invoice Requirements differ through all countries, Feel free to contact us for more queries for invoice requirements as per country. Email us at info@vyomoverseas.com