Spice Rack (12 Pcs Set)


Spice Rack (12 Pcs Set)


We offer you an ABS plastic spice rack with a variety of color such as green, sky blue, pink, and yellow. Its extra features contain 7 pieces set, 360-degree revolving and an unbreakable container.

It is also available in a 12 piece set and 15 piece set. Also, check out Spice Rack (15 Pcs Set) and Spice Box (360 Revolving).

List out the advantages of Spice Rack

There are many valuable points of Spice Rack that we will list down here. You can store all your spices in one location called Spice Rack, which makes cooking much easier instead of hunting around the ingredients when required.

With the use of Spice Rack, you can put those spice boxes on the front, which are used most often and other least used spice boxes at the back of the Spice Rack.

HSN CODE 3924 1090
COLOR Green, Skye Blue, Yellow, Pink