Spice Rack (15 Pcs Set)


Spice Rack (15 Pcs Set)


We present you with the best-quality spice rack with fifteen pieces set. It is made of high-durable, robust, food-grade, unbreakable, and transparent plastic material.

In addition, it comes with see-through airtight food storage containers that show the food items without opening them.

We offer you a Dry Fruit Tray, too which is useful during festivals and special occasions. Also, check out Spice Rack (12 Pcs Set).

Amazing tips to use spice rack (15 PCs Set) 

There are several fantastic tips to use this spice rack with fifteen pieces set. It is an ideal storage solution and suitable for serving spices, herbs, masalas, and many more.

Moreover, it has tops that twist easily and have both shaker and pour functions. It has a unique system that encourages you to keep your items tidy. It shows off your stylish and distinctive spice racks for storing tea, coffee, cocoa, and more. 

HSN CODE 3924 1090
COLOR Green, Skye Blue, Yellow, Pink