Electroplated Zinc Stitching Wire


Electroplated Zinc Stitching Wire


We offer silver color, carbon steel electroplated zinc stitching wire. You will get coil and box with coil packing types of stitching wires.

It weighs 2 kg per coil and having a tensile strength of about 50 to 55. It is used as packaging. It is available in variable sizes like 12*25 rust-proof, 14*25, 14*25 rust-proof, 12*25, 17*25, 17*25 rust-proof, 12*25 Tata quality, jumbo coil, and others as per the client’s requirement.

We also provide Brass Stitching Wire in the global market at a competitive price.

Major Wholesaler of Electroplated Zinc Stitching Wire

We are the giant exporter of electroplated zinc stitching wire. There are several uses of electroplated zinc stitching wire. These flat wires are used in corrugated boxes for stitching purpose.

We provide the highest quality of electroplated zinc stitching wire all over India. We offer a wide range of wire that is extensively used in corrugation companies and industries.