Spice Box (360 Revolving)


Spice Box (360 Revolving)


Spice Box is available in ABS plastic and a wide variety of colors, including pink, orange, sky blue, green, copper wooden, and various others.

It consists of 7 pieces, 360-degree revolving and unbreakable containers. Have a look at Spice Rack along with this type of unique kitchenware product.

What are the ways to use Spice Box in Kitchen?

There are multiple ways to use Spice Box in the kitchen. The primary purpose of the spice box is to store or handle everything that everyone uses most often, in one place.

A Spice Box is also used to store the multiple types of spices into one centralised place. You can tame your collections of seasonings with these uniquely designed spice organisers known as Spice Box.

HSN CODE 3924 1090
COLOR Sky Blue, Green