Copper Stitching Wire


Copper Stitching Wire


We provide copper stitching wire which contains copper material and is used as packaging. We offer coil and box with coil packing type to the stitching wire.

It has a tensile strength of round-about 50-55 and weighs 2 kg per coil approximately. We provide a wide range of sizes such as 14*25, 12*25, 17*25, and many others according to the client’s requirement.

We also offer MS Nails at very affordable prices.

The exceptional wholesaler of copper stitching wire

We are a leading wholesaler and supplier of Copper Stitching wire. We offer you a wide range of Copper Stitching Wire.

Copper Stitching wire is used in many industrial applications. We are offering Copper Stitching Wire in variable sizes and parameters.

All our products which are to be exported undergo several quality checks and analysis. We offer Copper Stitching Wire at affordable prices.