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Galvanized Iron Wire is made of mild carbon or high carbon steel wires with a zinc-coated thin layer to provide protection from corrosion and rust for metal surfaces whenever they come into contact with air or water.

GI Wire is generally used for fencing for multiple purposes. We can measure GI Wire in meters whereas the thickness is measured in SWG with 100% accuracy and accuracy is one criterion that is very important in every task.

Galvanization is the process of applying the coating of zinc to iron or steel to prevent rusting, which is electroplated galvanization and another one is hot-dip galvanization which has good corrosion characteristics as analyzed to electroplated GI Wire.

At Vyom Overseas,, we offer a large range of quality products such as Hot-dip GI wires, GI Barbed wire, GI electroplating wires, Copper Stitching Wire, Brass Stitching Wire, etc. to our customers worldwide.

Why us

Largest Suppliers of Galvanized Iron Wire in India

We achieved the milestone of being a famous wholesale Galvanized Wire exporter and manufacturer in India because of the quality and reliability of the wires.  

At Vyom Overseas, we always strive to offer a rich & superior experience to its end customers. Our main approach is to measure product quality to ensure the goods reach the customers’ needs & requirements.

We aim to deliver these GI wires within the possibly shortest time limit to the customers at the best global exporting price. We offer high-quality Galvanized Iron wires at the best global price that can be supplied in the form of coil wire, spool wire, or further processed into straightened cut wire or U-type wire.

It is mainly used in expressway fencing, construction, binding of flowers and wire mesh weaving. Our main approach is to measure product quality to ensure the goods reach the customers’ needs & requirements.

As a wholesale supplier of GI wire, We export our products mainly in South Africa, UAE, the United States, Australia, Maldives, Canada. Our GI wires are manufactured with the help of the latest machinery that provides them with complete accomplishment.

For instance, the chopping board will act as a workhorse for every kitchen. It is the critical and essential kitchenware product for every kitchen. However, it cuts and chops the vegetables and other ingredients in smaller pieces, making the cooking food items faster and simple.

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All other products provide the following features and functionalities.

Why Use Vyom’s GI Wires?

  • Cost-effective
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Versatile & Easier to work with
  • Resistance To Corrosion



Because of the durability of GI wire, it can be easily managed to create a fence around the perimeter of your freehold. In some cases, galvanized iron wire is also placed on the top of fences to deter people from climbing them.


Because galvanized steel wire is so strong, it works wonderfully in the construction of homes and businesses as binding or baling the materials because of its unmatched strength.


Because of its high tensile strength, GI wire is useful for keeping expensive art displays properly secured on walls for both the integrity of the piece and the safety of admirers.

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