Hot Dip GI wire


Hot Dip GI wire


We provide Hot dip GI (Galvanized Iron) wire with a rough silver color. It is of MS (Mild Steel) material and has about 8 to 22 gauge. Its packing type is a packaging roll of about 100 to 150 kg.

Hot Dip GI wire will be available from 60 gsm to 120 gsm. We also offer Mild Steel Annealed Wire at an affordable price.

Major leading exporter of Hot Dip GI Wire

We are the manufacturer and supplier of Hot Dip GI Wire. Hot Dip GI Wire is the dedicated process involving wire passing through a molten zinc bath with high temperature.

Hot Dip GI Wire is widely used in making fencing wires, cable armouring, netting, in orchards, vineyards, and many more.

Our Hot Dip GI Wire undergoes many quality checks and tests to become a robust material.