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Spices are essential ingredients in cooking delicious meals. Indian Spices have been adopted across the world for their unique flavor, aroma, and beautiful texture. India has an ideal environment for producing spices which is why it is the largest producer & exporter of spices in the world.

Vyom Overseas is a renowned spices Supplier in India as they supply a wide range of spices all over the world. We earned the reputation as the best wholesale Indian spices supplier online in bulk quantity.

We export premium quality spices all over the globe at the best wholesale prices. Our products include a wide range of spices such as coriander, turmeric, cumin powder, sesame seeds, Fennel powder, etc.

We are one of the top spice manufacturers in India providing high-quality products, impressive service and various packing options.

Being one of the leading Indian spices exporters, we know the health benefits of all the different spices that we offer to you. Therefore, we would like to explore some health benefits and medicinal properties; our spices provide you while enjoying several Indian cuisines.

There are many Indian spices we use daily in cooking, including popular ones like turmeric, cumin, black pepper, and coriander seeds.

Why us

Best Quality Indian Spices Suppliers in India

Vyom Overseas is the most trusted spice exporter in India, providing spices at the best competitive rates in the global market with a short and reliable delivery duration.

We, being a leading spices supplier, export it to various parts of the world such as South Africa, UAE, USA, Australia, Maldives and Canada.

By placing importance on the value of understanding the true demands of buyers, we aimed at reaching global export standards. We strive to meet its growing demand for the able commitment to offering world-class quality services to our consumers.

Turmeric is famous for its medicinal properties also along with providing color and flavors to dishes. In addition, it can reduce inflammation that is a primary cause of discomfort and illness.

However, it may reduce inflammation in the brain linked to Alzheimer’s disease and depression. Also, this Indian spice contains powerful anti-cancer properties.

On the other hand, other spices also provide health benefits when used in appropriate quantities. For example, cumin promotes digestion, helps treat anemia, prevents diabetes and contains other healing properties.

Coriander is used as a whole spice that helps maintain blood sugar levels, relieve abdominal pain, treat osteoporosis, and heal skin infections.

Comparatively, black pepper and white pepper powder helps with digestion, increase nutrient absorption, aids in weight loss, and protect against heart disease. Also, it is consumed as a home remedy for the primary cold and cough.

Moreover, we commit below factors and features while exporting Indian spices globally.


Our Commitment Promise of Quality

Being among the leading Spices exporters in India, we set the milestone for the best quality and efficiency in export globally to buy bulk spices at wholesale prices.

Classy Packaging

The excellent condition of packaging ensures moisture-proof long shelf life. Understanding the needs of our customers, we take special care while packing spices to ensure their safety, purity & hygiene.

Authentic Taste

We provide spices rich in aroma, taste and flavor using a skillful low-temperature grinding technique to retain the flavor and aroma in their original state without artificial colors, impurity or additives.

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