Handy Chopper (750 Ml)


Handy Chopper (750 Ml)


We offer you a handy chopper (750 ml) with a plastic material body and stainless steel blade. It comes in two colors, namely green and purple.

Its plastic material grade is ABS, and extra features include 750 ml storage, stainless steel three blade and unbreakable material. It can be used as a vegetable cutter and onion chopper.

We also offer Handy Chopper – XL (900 Ml) and Handy Chopper (500 Ml).

What are the tips for using a classic Handy Chopper?

We provide some tips on using a regular size Handy Chopper in the form of a user manual. It is an easy way to use the standard Handy Chopper.

You have to just place a vegetable or fruits near a regular Handy and portable chopper blade. Then, you have to press it slightly, and you are done with the vegetable chopping, and you see the pieces of fruits and vegetables that are chopped.

HSN CODE 3924 1090
COLOR Purple, Red, Peach, Sky Blue