Handy Chopper-Xl (900 Ml)


Handy Chopper-Xl (900 Ml)


We provide you with a plastic handy chopper – XL with stainless steel blade material. We have vivid colors of the handy veg chopper – XL such as purple and green.

Its plastic-type is ABS, and extra features are 900 ml storage, stainless steel five-blade and unbreakable material. We provide you with a simple 750 ml handy chopper and handy chopper (500 Ml) for short storage needs.

What is the use of Handy Chopper-XL?

Handy Chopper-XL has a wide usage compared to all other items.

Due to its portability and convenient features, its use becomes more and more for vegetable and fruit chopping purposes.

It has a dedicated storage space area with a handy and portable chopper with extra-large size.

HSN CODE 3924 1090
COLOR Purple, Red, Peach, Sky Blue