Sprout Maker (Big)


Sprout Maker (Big)


We supply a plastic sprout maker with three variants: big, medium, and small. It is transparent in colour, and extra features include unbreakable material.

We offer you a Premium Cutlery Set along with Sprout Maker kitchenware products. Check out Sprout Maker (Small) and Sprout Maker (Medium).

What are the major key points of Sprout Maker?

The primary key points or vital points of Sprout Maker are listed here. We provide Sprout Maker with an improved design that is simple to use and works great with all kinds of sprouting seeds.

Our Sprout Maker contains three stackable growing trays that allow you to sprout different varieties at the same time interval, and you will get quick results in the form of sprouted pulses.

Our Sprout Maker is manufactured to make cooking easy and comfortable. You can use our Sprout maker to prepare sprouted pulses or food that is high in nutritional value.

COLOR Transparent