Dry Fruit Tray


Dry Fruit Tray


We will provide you with a plastic dry fruit tray. The plastic-type is ABS, and it comes in different colors such as orange, red, sky blue, green, and purple.

Its extra features include an unbreakable container. Also, check out Dry Fruit Box and Titanic Masala Box.

What are the uses of Dry Fruit Tray?

There are various uses of Dry Fruit Tray. It is used in festive seasons to celebrate festivals and occasions. Dry Fruit Tray is used as a healthy gift basket, celebration box, and many more.

Dry Fruit Tray is also used to store multiple dry fruits in a single tray. We provide Dry Fruit Tray at affordable prices and also offer free delivery to your home.

HSN CODE 3924 1090
COLOR Orange, Sky Blue, Purple, Green, Red