Kitkat Airtight 1100 Ml Container (10 Pcs Set)


Kitkat Airtight 1100 Ml Container (10 Pcs Set)


We provide you with a good-quality KitKat airtight container with 1100 ML food storage capacity and comes with ten pieces set. It is made of high-durable, food-grade, robust, and transparent plastic material. It is primarily used to store food items for a long time.

The airtight lid of the container protects food items from getting spoiled by bacteria. Also, check out Kitkat Airtight 600 Ml Container (20 Pcs Set) and 4 Pcs Set of Airtight Container With Lock.

The benefits of  the KitKat airtight 1100 ML container (10 PCs Set)

This KitKat airtight container has numerous benefits with an 1100 ML food storage container. It is used to store food items such as masalas, spices, rice, dry fruits, wheat, and many more.

Moreover, they are specially designed to minimize space and easily fit into your refrigerator, freezer or cupboard. It also enables you to get the kitchen organized and frees up space in the pantry.

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