Airtight Container With Lock (4 Pcs Set) 700Ml


Airtight Container With Lock (4 Pcs Set) 700Ml


We present you with the best quality airtight container with a lock having 700 ML food storage capacity. It comes with four pieces set and is made of durable transparent plastic material.

In addition, it comes with a lock for adding an extra layer of protection to the food items. Also, check out Xllent Airtight 500 Ml Container (20 Pcs Set) and Kitkat Airtight 1100 Ml Container (10 Pcs Set).

What are the uses of an airtight container with lock 700 ML?

There are multiple uses of this airtight container with lock 700 ML. One of the practical uses of this airtight food storage container is to keep food items fresh longer and has all four sides locked to prevent spills.

It is ideal for carrying meals, fruits, or any food items to travel, work, school, college outing, and more. Moreover, it stores cereals, spices, dry spices, snacks, grams, salt, cookies, chocolates, sugar, dry fruits, flour, baby food items, and more.

COLOR Black, Blue, Green, Pink