Glory Jug


Glory Jug


We offer you an excellent quality glory jug made of high-durable, transparent, and unbreakable plastic material. It is ideal for use as an alternative to an actual glass jug without the risk of broken glass.

In addition, it is scratch-proof during regular use. Therefore, it is perfect for serving tea, milk, juice, ice water, and more. We also provide Glory Lemon Set (1 Jug & 6 Glass)

What are the tips for using a glory jug?

There are various tips to use a glory jug. First of all, it is lighter and stronger than a regular glass jug. Moreover, it is hand-blown, heat-resistant and completely lead-free.

It has a large capacity and looks great on your dinner table. It ensures both the feeling of quality and the longest possible durability. It is freezer safe, has a removable lid, and stores water, juices, and other cold items.  

COLOR Sky Blue, Peach