Dining Stand (2 Pcs Set)


Dining Stand (2 Pcs Set)


We provide you with a plastic dining stand. Its plastic-type is ABS, and its extra features are a 2 & 3 piece set and an unbreakable container.

It comes in different colors like sky blue, orange, pink, green, and copper wooden. We also offer you a Dining Stand (3 Pcs Set).

Why Dining Stand important in the kitchen?

Dining Stand is essential in the kitchen because of various reasons. One of the reasons is to use the Dining Stand as a masala tray, pickle container, dining spice stand, and mouth freshener container.

You can get this multipurpose Dining Stand at an affordable price. The dining stand is used for its multipurpose usages such as store spoons, pens, paintbrushes, knives, scissors, and tongs.

HSN CODE 3924 1090
COLOR Orange, Sky Blue, Pink, Green