Dining Stand (2 Pcs Set) – Wooden


Dining Stand (2 Pcs Set) – Wooden


We provide you with an excellent quality dining stand with two pieces set and contains a tray of wooden material.

Its airtight food storage containers are made of high-durable, transparent, robust, and food-grade plastic material.

In addition, it comes with a wooden spoon for serving food items like chutney, pickles, sauce, and many more. We also offer you a Dining Stand (3 Pcs Set) – Wooden.

What are the noteworthy points of the dining stand (2 PCs Set) wooden?

There are several noteworthy points available for this wooden dining stand with two pieces set.

First of all, the airtight lid of the container keeps your spice fresh and protects them from bacteria and dust.

Moreover, it helps in identifying food items without opening them.

HSN CODE 3924 1090
COLOR Copper, Wooden