Aata Maker (3 In 1)


Aata Maker (3 In 1)


We present you with the best quality 5-Piece Atta Dough Maker Kneader with Cut & Chop Kitchen Set Plastic Detachable Dough Maker with three functions in one product.

It is made of high-durable, robust, unbreakable, and transparent plastic material. It is the premium kitchen accessory that helps to prepare the dough of the chapattis.

In addition, it comes with a large container and the handy mugs provided along with it. Also, check out Folding Cut & Wash

How to use an aata maker?

There is a specific process to use an aata maker. First of all, apply the edible oil on the surface of the bowl and the blade. Now, place the blade on the bowl properly.

Afterwards, put flour and water in the bowl in the ratio of three parts flour and one part water. By doing this, close the lid of the bowl properly. In the next step, rotate the handle for about two minutes in the clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. 

Finally, your dough is ready to prepare the chapattis. Moreover, it is used for beating cream, eggs, and other items. It is also used for liquidising dal and tomato soups and for churning milkshake, lassi, buttermilk, and other items

HSN CODE 3924 1090
COLOR Multicolor