Nexus Chopper (500 ML)


Nexus Chopper (500 ML)


We provide you with a high-durable portable Nexus premium plastic chopper with a 500 ML food storage capacity.

We designed a versatile tool by keeping a regular customer in mind. It is simple and compact in design so it is easy to keep in the kitchen.

It cuts and chops food items at a faster rate without the hassle and saves precious meal preparation time. We also offer Nexus Chopper – 950 ML and Nexus Chopper – 750 ML.

What are the tips for using Nexus Chopper – 500 ML?

There are numerous tips for using this handy and portable Nexus chopper. First of all, you have to keep the food items of around 500 ml capacity in the storage container.

Afterward, with the help of a sharp stainless steel blade, start cutting and chopping the vegetables and fruits for food preparation.

You can see the chopped food items after the chopping process gets completed and use them in meal preparation.

HSN CODE 3924 1090
COLOR Sky Blue