Red Chili Powder


Red Chili Powder


Red Chili Powder is generally known to us as “Lal Mirch Powder” in the national language. It is available in three different variants such as Tikhalal, Teja, and Kashmiri. We also offer Turmeric powder which is known as a very healthy spice and possesses medicinal value.

Health Benefits of Red Chili Powder

Red Chilli Powder fights and reduces inflammation and will act as natural pain relief.

In addition, it enhances the metabolism rate of the human body. 

Red Chili Powder Uses

Red Chilli Powder is commonly used in Indian cuisine or dishes to make food spicier. It promotes weight loss by increasing the body’s calorie burn rate and reducing food cravings.

Red chilli powder is made from the seeds of red chillies, which is the spiciest and the hottest part. Therefore, the red chilli powder is exceptionally strong and used in small quantities. 

Which is the best type of Red Chilli Powder?

There are basically three types of Red Chilli Powder: Tikhalal, Teja, and Kashmiri.

You can choose or select the type of Red Chilli Powder according to your spiciness and colour requirement. All three types of Red Chilli Powder possess unique quality, colour, taste, and spiciness levels.

It is an Indian spice that is a spicing ingredient found in all the kitchens across the country.

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