10 Amazing White Pepper Health Benefits

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10 Amazing White Pepper Health Benefits


White pepper is a well-known spice used to flavour many dishes. But apart from its culinary purpose, white pepper can also serve in improving your health. It has many health beneficiary medicinal properties that target various issues, elevating your health.

Being a spice wholesaler, we often deliver white pepper to health and wellness products manufacturing companies. Black and white pepper both have been praised in Ayurveda – ancient Indian medical practice. And therefore, it serves as the main ingredient in various Ayurvedic medicines.

Here, you can find 10 best health benefits of white pepper, so continue reading the article till the end.

10 Health benefits of white pepper

Muscle pain relief

White pepper contains a hot substance called capsaicin, which produces heat. Therefore, many pain-relieving gels and sprays use white pepper as an ingredient. When you apply pain-relieving gels or sprays or massage the aching area with white pepper essential oil diluted in other carrier oil, the capsaicin generates the heat, reducing the pain.


White pepper is considered a health beneficiary superfood. It has piperine – a compound having antinociceptive and antiarthritic effects. Piperine eases the impact of arthritis pain and gout attacks. Therefore, white pepper is the most beneficial spice for elders who are suffering from joint and spinal pain as well as muscle cramps.

Weight loss

Black or white pepper can effectively reduce weight, thanks to capsaicin. That is why medicines and solutions for weight loss have capsaicin in them. Capsaicin present in white pepper helps burn fat and lose weight, a significant health benefit. Sprinkling some pinches or white pepper powder in your diet drinks and salads can speed up your weight loss journey.


According to the research conducted by the University of Nottingham and the American Association of Cancer Research, white pepper is also suggested to prevent cancer. Capsaicin found in white pepper is especially beneficial in killing cancerous cells that result in prostate cancer. However, there is a scope for further research on this topic.


According to a study, white pepper is also beneficial for healing headaches. The capsaicin compound again comes to the rescue. Headache occurs when neuropeptide substance P passes the pain in the brain. Capsaicin stops this transmission and relaxes blood vessels. It betters the blood flow in the brain, resulting in headache alleviation.


This is a well-known health benefit of white pepper. Being a heat-generating spice, white pepper can also treat cough and sore throat. Cough is a common problem in the winter season. And consuming a teaspoon of white pepper powder with an equal amount of raw, natural honey can help get you relief from cough, sore throat, and lung congestion. 

Nasal congestion

The heat-generating properties of white pepper can also be beneficial to your health, helping you get relief from nasal congestion and clear nasal tract, thus allowing you to breathe properly. Moreover, white pepper also has antibacterial properties. So, it can also help you fight nasal tract infections.


White pepper also gives health benefits in regulating the digestive system by increasing the production of gastric acid – an essential acid found in our stomachs that digest food. Moreover, white pepper powder contains a high amount of fibre. Fibre aids in muscle movement of the intestine. Thus, white pepper aids in a better digestive system.


Flatulence or stomach gas is a common problem associated with bad digestion. White pepper has a compound called piperine, which reduces the gas, relieving stomach aches caused by flatulence. In addition, piperine increases hydrochloric acid, which regulates the digestion process and ensures smooth working of the intestine.

Blood Pressure

White pepper is a good source of Flavonoids, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A. These nutrients help keep blood pressure under control. In addition, it also regulates blood flow, so if you have a blood pressure problem, you should include the white pepper in your diet.

Wrapping up

White pepper is a prominent spice in Asian cooking. It is also a praised medicine in ancient Indian medical therapy – Ayurveda. Therefore, adding this spice to your diet can be beneficial. If you want to buy white pepper, Vyom Overseas is here for you. We are a premium quality white pepper powder supplier delivering globally.