Square Container 600Ml (6 Pcs Set)


Square Container 600Ml (6 Pcs Set)


We present you with a square container having a storage capacity of 600 ML. In addition, it keeps food items fresher, longer with this convenient and straightforward food storage container.

This food storage container has a stain and odour-resistant lock-in flavour shut-out moisture and airtight seal. We also offer Square Container 900ML (6 Pcs Set) and Square Container 1400Ml (6 Pcs Set).

The importance of square container 600 ML

This food storage container is one of the essential tools for every home and kitchen. It has various noteworthy points. However, these airtight containers are substantial and come with a durable body. In addition, they are easy to open and stack.

Furthermore, its simple, unique, and compact square design can store maximum food items under 600 ML. They have a wide mount for easy access.

HSN CODE 3924 1090
COLOR Sky Blue, Red, Black