Square Container 1400Ml (6 Pcs Set)


Square Container 1400Ml (6 Pcs Set)


We provide you with high-durable plastic and transparent 1400 ML square containers. It comes with a six-piece set. It is a high-quality container used to store masalas, spices, rice, dry fruits, wheat and more.

Moreover, various food items and snacks can be organized together in this storage container. We also offer Square Container 900ML (6 Pcs Set) and Square Container 900ML (6 Pcs Set).

What are the benefits of a square container 1400 ML?

There are multiple benefits of this food storage container. One of the primary benefits of this food storage container is the maximum food storage capacity of 1400 ML.

Due to its sleek and square design, it is a space-efficient storage option. Food items stored in this container remain airtight, intact, fresh, and safe for a long time. It is helpful for the unlimited storage of food products due to food-grade material. 

HSN CODE 3924 1090
COLOR Sky Blue, Red, Black