Square Container 5Kg (6 Pcs Set)


Square Container 5Kg (6 Pcs Set)


We offer you a high-quality airtight square container in six pieces set with a food storage capacity of 5 KG. It is made up of high-durable and high-quality transparent food-grade plastic material.

Primarily, it is used to store food items in the freezer, fridge, and kitchen for a long time. Also, check out Square Container 3Kg (6 Pcs Set).

What are the advantages of a square container 5 kg?

There are various advantages of this food storage container. First of all, it has a modular and stackable design and especially appropriate materials to give you a longer than average lifespan.

Second, its airtight freshness seal lock ensures that your contents stay fresh until you need them. Moreover, it comes with a handle for easy moving and placing in the kitchen.

COLOR Multicolor