Square Container 3Kg (6 Pcs Set)


Square Container 3Kg (6 Pcs Set)


We provide you with a transparent, high-quality square container with six pieces set. It is perfect for organizing your kitchen by storing necessary food items in it and stacked well.

In addition, it saves a lot of space in the kitchen and keeps it clean and organized. Clear containers make it convenient to see the inside content. Also, check out Square Container 5Kg (6 Pcs Set).

What are the noteworthy points about square container 3 KG?

There are multiple notable points related to this food storage container. Moreover, it is perfect for storing dal, pulses, rice, cereals, baking supplies, pasta, oats, flour, sugar, coffee, tea, nuts, snacks, pappad, dry fruits, and more.

Furthermore, its freshness seal prevents moisture entry and inhibits the growth of fungus and bacteria by keeping food items protected from bugs, pests and other insects.

COLOR Multicolor