Push Button Container (1500 Ml)


Push Button Container (1500 Ml)


We offer you a high-quality and durable push button container with a food storage capacity of 1500 ML.

It is made up of transparent plastic material, which is robust. Due to this, the food items can be seen through the container.

Furthermore, this food storage container can be wall-mounted and thus saves valuable space in the kitchen and pantry. We also offer a wall-mountable Push Button Container

What are the functions of a push button container?

There are multiple critical functions of a push button container. First of all, the compact and simple design allows you to save space in your pantry or the kitchen.

The second one is its lids feature a unique non-slip design. Third, it has transparent containers which are very sturdy with a secure lid for easy use.

Finally, it is an airtight food storage container, keeping the food items fresh for a long time.

COLOR Multicolor