Dining Stand (3 Pcs Set)


Dining Stand (3 Pcs Set)


We present you with a high-quality dining stand with three pieces set. It comes with three airtight transparent containers with a lid.

It is made of high-durable, robust, transparent, unbreakable, and food-grade plastic material. Three containers are perfect for storing and serving pickles, mouth fresheners, masalas, and more. 

We also offer you with a Dining Stand (2 Pcs Set)  for use in various festivals.

What are the functions of the dining stand (3 PCs Set)? 

There are multiple functions of this plastic dining stand with three pieces set. It is a must-have dining accessory in your home.

Moreover, it is provided with easy to use spoons and a container lid with knobs for easy access. It is used to keep different food items such as pulses, cereals, spices, snacks, salt, dry fruits, sugar, tea, coffee and more.

HSN CODE 3924 1090
COLOR Orange, Sky Blue, Pink, Green