Nexus Chopper (750 Ml)


Nexus Chopper (750 Ml)


We offer you a transparent plastic Nexus handy chopper with a stainless steel blade. It comes with a storage capacity of 750 ml. Moreover, you can cut and chop food items hassle-free.

It makes the smart work of cutting vegetables, fruits, and pulses by saving a precious amount of time. We also offer Nexus Chopper – 950 ML and Nexus Chopper – 500 ML.

What is the use of Nexus Chopper – 750 ML?

One of the primary uses of this handy chopper is to cut and chop food ingredients without a hassle. Its stainless steel blade makes the cutting and chopping tasks faster and simpler.

Moreover, it is compact and simple in design, so you can take it everywhere where chopping tasks are required. It can cut and chop food items like vegetables and fruits around 750 ml at a time.

HSN CODE 3924 1090
COLOR Sky Blue