Lemon Juice Jug


Lemon Juice Jug


We provide you with a premium lemon juice jug of high-quality plastic material which is available in multiple colors. Its extra features include unbreakable material.

We provide you a versatile kitchenware product Coconut Opener for making a hole in the coconut to extract water from it.

What are the pros of Premium Lemon Juice Jug?

There are multiple pros of a premium Lemon Juice jug, and some of them are listed here. Our premium Lemon Juice jugs are light in weight and have competitive prices.

A premium Lemon Juice jug is better than a glass jug set, and it is easier to clean and manage. It is break and corrosion-resistant. It is highly durable and dependable.

We offer premium jugs in different colors, patterns, and designs. Our premium high-quality jugs are joint-free and leak proof. The premium jugs are used to store water, juices and other beverages.

COLOR Transparent