How to Buy and Store Turmeric Powder?

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How to Buy and Store Turmeric Powder?


Turmeric is an important spice in cuisines around the world. Known as golden spice, this brilliant rhizome is often used in powdered form to give a bright yellow colour to our food. Packed with many treatment properties, turmeric infuses many health benefits when consumed daily in our food. 

One of the best ways to use this spice in our cooking is by buying it in bulk from Indian spice exporters like Vyom. Find here how you can buy bulk turmeric powder online and store it in a safe manner that prolongs its life.

How to Buy Turmeric Powder from Vyom Overseas?

Turmeric is a staple spice in most of our kitchens. Therefore it is important to consider its quality and buy from trustable wholesale turmeric powder suppliers. Vyom Overseas is the most sought-after Indian spice exporter for many around the globe.

We strive to provide our customers with the best quality turmeric powder and other spices of the best quality.

Here is a quick guide on purchasing pure turmeric powder from us:

  • Check out our wide catalogue of spices and find turmeric powder, or you can type turmeric powder in the search bar.
  • Click on the turmeric powder listing, and you will be redirected to the turmeric powder page.
  • Click on the send inquiry button down the page.
  • Fill in all the details asked in the form that pops up on your screen.
  • And wait for our reply. We will get back to you through email or Whatsapp as soon as possible.

Tips on Storing the Turmeric Safely

  • Store turmeric powder in an airtight glass container like a mason jar.
  • Keep it in a cool, dark cupboard where heat and light don’t reach.
  • Keep it away from the stove or any area with a high temperature, as it can hamper the flavour of the spice.
  • Use an opaque or dark-coloured container to store it. This prevents light from passing through, which can affect the flavour of turmeric and age over time.
  • Before you store turmeric, ensure the powder has been well prepared and dried, as little moisture can make mould grow.
  • Don’t open the container frequently. Take out a little portion of this spice powder for your daily use.

How to store turmeric powder in a mason jar?

Glass makes the perfect material for storing spices for a longer period. To prolong the life of this spice powder and retain its flavour, buy a wide mason jar that can accommodate your bulk turmeric powder quantity.

Here are some steps on how you can properly store turmeric powder in a mason jar:

  • Clean the jar to remove small dirt particles. Make sure it is thoroughly dried before you put it into it.
  • Use a deep spoon or ladle to transfer powder from package to jar.
  • Keep dabbing the spice in between to make more space.
  • Fill the jar almost entirely, just leaving half an inch of space.
  • Close the lid of your jar tightly. If you feel the air can still seep in, place a piece of paper and fasten the lid.
  • Store this jar in a darker and cooler place with low humidity.

Concluding thoughts

Buying and storing bulk turmeric powder can be a hassle, just like any wholesale Indian spices. As a leading wholesale spice supplier, we often get asked how to store it for a prolonged period.