Magic Slicer ( 6 In 1)


Magic Slicer ( 6 In 1)


We supply you with a stainless steel magic slicer. It is available in multiple colors like orange, green, sky blue, yellow and many more. Its extra features include unbreakable material.

You can have an insight into the kitchenware product under the storage category named Matuki Airtight Container.

What are the benefits of Magic Slicer?

There are several benefits of magic slicer as a kitchenware product, and some of them are listed here. Magic slicer peels any fruits or vegetables and even slices small cheese blocks.

Magic slicer is beneficial to those people with arthritis. The magic slicer is easier to hold than a traditional slicer with its dishwasher safe.

The material of the magic slicer is resistant to any breakage or deformities. We provide you with a new flat guide for easier slicing by using a magic slicer.

COLOR Multicolor