Leaf Soap Holder


Leaf Soap Holder


We present you with a high-quality leaf soap holder made up of durable plastic material. The box adopts the leaf shape hollow design and fresh colour to bring the sweet every day.

It will add cute elements to your bathroom and washbasin where the use of soap is maximum. This soap holder will keep the soap dry after every hand wash. We also provide S S Multipurpose Slicer.

What are the uses of leaf soap holder?

There are numerous uses of a leaf soap holder. The primary benefit of this soap holder is to hold or store soap for hand wash and bathing purposes. It is usually placed in the corner of the bathroom and cabinet.

It has multipurpose use for holding soap, sponge, brush and more. It is used as a practical tool to keep your soap dry and sanitary. The water automatically drains off from the holder.

COLOR Multicolor