Handi (6 Pcs Set)


Handi (6 Pcs Set)


We present you with a maximum storage handi with six pieces set. Due to its robust, high-quality, and high-durable plastic material, it lasts longer.

In addition, it can be used to serve the guests in style with these beautiful handis. It is unique, ethnic, and traditional and will enhance the beauty of the kitchen or dining table. Also, check out Handi (2 Pcs Set).

Amazing tips to use Handi with 6 pieces set

There are many tips to use this handi with six pieces set. It is used for storing food items like pickles, desi ghee, vinegar, salt, sugar, or chutney.

Moreover, with the large food storage capacity, it is used to cook more food than other equipment. The whole set is stylish and gives a beautiful look to your kitchen.

It is strong in construction and will not bend or have dents during regular use.

COLOR Red, Black