Baby Stool


Baby Stool


We provide you with a plastic baby stool with a plastic-type ABS. It comes in several colors that include green, pink, yellow, and sky blue.

Its extra features are that it is an unbreakable stool. We also offer Gadget Adjustable Slicer for fulfilling your vegetable slicing needs.

What are the uses of Baby Stool?

There are various uses of Baby Stool; some of them are listed here. One of the uses of Baby Stool is to sit the baby on it.

We provide portable Baby Stool for the bathroom, bedroom and living room. We have specially crafted a folding or portable stool for kids and children.

Baby Stool is a crucial product for parents and children because, for parents, it takes care of their baby, and for baby, it gives comfort and joy. In this manner, Baby Stool is one of the essential products to put in your home.

HSN CODE 3924 1090
COLOR Pink, Sky Blue, Green, Yellow