Adventure Glass (6 Pcs Set)


Adventure Glass (6 Pcs Set)


We provide you with plastic adventure glass in a 6 piece set. You will get ABS plastic-type glass, and it is transparent in color. Its extra features include multipurpose use.

You can have a look at our unique kitchenware product Easy Power Blender along with adventure Plastic Glasses.

What are the uses of Plastic Adventure Glass?

There are various uses of Plastic Adventure Glass as per its properties. Adventure Glass is used as a disposable juice glass, drinking water glass, and many more.

It is often used in gatherings or festivals where it is inconvenient to wash dishes and glass due to the factors such as the geographic location or number of guests.

Plastic Adventure Glass can also be reused, and many different new and innovative things are made by the clients globally.

HSN CODE 3924 1090
COLOR Transparent