Fenugreek: An Herb with Unbelievable Health Benefits

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Fenugreek: An Herb with Unbelievable Health Benefits


In Indian cuisine, fenugreek, or methi in Hindi, is one of the common foods and herbal medicine. This kitchen staple food is packed with myriads of nutritions and health-improving properties, making it a superfood. The Health benefits of fenugreek seeds have been proven through many studies conducted over the years. And there are so many pharmaceutical companies that use methi seeds as an ingredient in their medicines and supplements.

As a leading Indian spices wholesaler, our clients are also from the health and wellness industries. Seeds are widely produced in the Indian subcontinent and China. And therefore, they have been used in the traditional therapeutic practices of both cultures. Here are some of the common and research-backed health benefits of fenugreek seeds.

Fights hair falls

Fenugreek is a popular remedy for hair loss. It is packed with high levels of vitamins, minerals, folic acid, nicotinic acid, and protein, making it a potent food item for stopping hair fall problems. Moreover, according to a study on women and men with low to moderate hair fall problems, products with methi seeds also showed positive effects on hair growth.

Aids in weight loss

Fenugreek seeds are a natural and healthy alternative to weight loss supplements and medications. These seeds contain fibre that gives a feeling of fullness, preventing people from overeating. Moreover, drinking methi seed water daily on an empty stomach can boost your metabolism, eventually helping reduce weight.

Offers glowing skin

Fenugreek seeds can also be a great alternative to various beauty products and creams, which often contain petroleum. Methi seeds have natural oils that hydrate, moisturise, and soften the skin. The vitamin C found in the seeds also enhances the skin’s glow, improving its overall health.

Lowers cholesterol level

Higher cholesterol levels can cause cardiovascular problems like a heart attack or stroke. Fenugreek contains flavonoids, which lower the LDL or bad cholesterol in the body, ensuring your heart stays healthy and well-functioning.

Boost testosterone levels in men

Fenugreek is a common ingredient in testosterone-boosting supplements, as some studies have found the beneficial effect of the seeds. A study was conducted on 30 college-aged men, half consuming 500 mg of methi daily. After the 8-week session, the men receiving these seeds showed a testosterone increase, with a 2% body fat decrease.

Controls diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic condition that requires regular measures and strict eating precautions for a lifetime. Fenugreek is a great remedy to control and even reverse diabetes. Fenugreek has amino acids that promote insulin secretion in the pancreas. In addition, it has a fibre which slows down digestion, enabling lower blood sugar levels.

Cleanse kidney

Kidneys flush out toxins from your body, so their health is essential. Fenugreek seeds are rich in iron, which increases blood levels in the body. It also delivers oxygenated blood to the kidneys, thus assisting in kidney damage. It also prevents and treats certain kinds of kidney stones.

Reduces menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps can be extremely discomfortable. The anti-inflammatory properties of fenugreek seeds help relieve menstruation cramps and other associated symptoms. Moreover, a high amount of iron in methi can help recover lost blood.

Increases milk production in lactating mothers

Breastmilk is a good source of nutrition for a baby, but some mothers may struggle to produce it in sufficient amounts. Methi can also help in this situation. As per one study, fenugreek tea can help increase milk production in lactating mothers. However, before trying this, you should discuss it with a doctor.

Reduce pimples

Fenugreek flushes out all the toxins in your body. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce pimple inflammation from the outside while cleansing the body from the inside. It can also substitute for a natural face mask. Mixing a methi seed paste with honey can apply to your face, giving you clear, supple, and radiating skin.

Where can you get fenugreek seeds?

Considering all the health benefits of fenugreek seeds, you might want to purchase these magical seeds for daily consumption. To have an unlimited stock of seeds for your day-to-day use, buy bulk fenugreek seeds from Vyom Overseas. We are a leading global wholesale spice exporter and supplier, delivering the highest-quality fenugreek seeds and other spices and pulses to every corner of the world. Buy premium quality methi seeds from Vyom and lead a healthy life.

How many fenugreek seeds should I consume per day?

Usually, experts suggest consuming fenugreek seeds in only one teaspoon per day. Raw seeds more than this quantity can upset your stomach. However, consuming porridge made of fenugreek seeds is usually safe.